No-one is born as an Agile Coach. There is so much to this role. An Agile Coach lives and breathes flexibility and versatility. An Agile Coach has a knowledge of psychology, group dynamics, organization science, change management and innovation. An Agile Coach has a strong approach, good communication skills and dares to take risks. He or she is decisive but is also patient and always stays positive. Agile Coaching course explains the requirements a good Agile Coach should have. 

The workplace as a training ground

A few years of experience as a Product Owner or Scrum Master can be a great foundation for you to develop into an Agile Coach. It’s a great advantage if you know the organisation, know what working in a Scrum team involves and what Agile working requires. But as useful as this experience is, it’s no guarantee of success as an Agile Coach.

Agile Coach or Scrum Master

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Agile Coach: Crucial for Transformation

Why Agile Coach is a role in its own right

A Product Owner or Scrum Master has their sleeves rolled up on a daily basis. They have a limited area in which to work, where they know everyone and are aware of all the details.
Agile Coaching is a whole different ballgame. The playing field is the entire organization. You have to deal with many different stakeholders, each with their own requirements and wishes. The abstraction level is greater and the stakes are very high. An Agile Coach works at the tactical and strategic level. This requires a different style of communicating and coaching.

‘An Agile Coach works at the tactical and strategic level’

Agile Coaching course

In order to be a professional Agile Coach, it’s advisable to follow a good training course. This allows you to understand the role of the Agile Coach better, and you’ll be supplied with the tools to help you perform this role. How can you turn around resistance? How do you create support within all layers of the organization? How do you ensure that the teams stay sharp and the management stays on board?

In the Agile Coach course, you learn how you can develop an agile mindset at all levels within the organization.

Gladwell Academy trains Agile Coaches and trainers at a leading Dutch financial service provider Nationale-Nederlanden

How do you get Agile way of working truly established in your organization? By training your own Agile Coaches to be Agile trainers of course! This is what Nationale-Nederlanden did with Gladwell Academy. CIO Dennis Brussel from Nationale-Nederlanden Bank tells us about his considerations; three Agile training course graduates tell us about their experience. Read more here. (Dutch article)